Interlink Created Pages with Each Other

To enable interlinking between pages, LPagery provides a shortcode lpagery_link. This shortcode generates an HTML anchor element (<a>) linking to the specified page. The generated anchor element always includes the class lpagery_link_anchor.

Linking by Page Position #

Use the following shortcode to link pages based on their positions within the sheet:

[lpagery_link position=’NEXT’ title=’Next’ circle=true target=’_blank’]

Parameters: #
  • position: Determines the page to link to based on its position.
    • FIRST: Links to the first page created in the sheet.
    • LAST: Links to the last page created in the sheet.
    • NEXT: Links to the next page created in the sheet.
    • PREV: Links to the previous page created in the sheet.
  • circle:
    • true/yes: When enabled, it loops back to the first page after the last page and vice versa.
  • title:
    • If set, this title will be used as the link’s title. Otherwise, the title of the linked page will be used. Placeholders can be used here as well
  • target:
    • Specifies the target attribute of the anchor element. Valid values are: _blank, _self, _parent, _top.

Linking by Slug #

LPagery also allows linking to pages based on their slug. This can be achieved as follows:

Assume the following input data:

HamburgberlinPage of Berlin
BerlinhamburgPage of Hamburg
MunichberlinPage of Berlin

And the following shortcode in the template page:

[lpagery_link slug='{link_to}’ title='{link_title}’]

This would result in the following links on the respective pages:

  • On the Hamburg and Munich pages:

[lpagery_link slug=’berlin’ title=’Page of Berlin’]

Resulting in 

<a class=”lpagery_link_anchor” href=”https://yoursite.example/berlin/” target=”_self”>Page of Berlin</a>

  • On the Berlin page:

[lpagery_link slug=’hamburg’ title=’Page of Hamburg’]

Resulting in

<a class=”lpagery_link_anchor” href=”https://yoursite.example/hamburg/” target=”_self”>Page of Hamburg</a>

You can also hardcode values directly. It is crucial that the resulting slug corresponds to an existing page.

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