Create Unique Content Using the Spintax Function

Don't risk duplicated content with spintax #

LPagery Pro lets you use our spintax feature. With this feature you are able to set different words you want to appear on the same spot on the different generated pages.


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Some of the functionalities presented in this article are not available in the free version

Why use spintax? #

Spintax helps you avoid having duplicated content on your generated pages. With spintax you can define different variatons of a word to display. For example for the word “best” you could set “finest“, “greatest“, “top“.

How to use spintax #

To use the spintax feature, you will need to have atleast a extended plan subscription of LPagery

In the LPagery interface you will then need to go to Settings and enable the Spintax Switch

When enabled you can now head to your template page and add in your spintax in the following format:


This way you could create a sentence like this:

The {best|finest|greatest|top} Restaurant in {city}

This would then randomly select one of the words from the spintax to be imported on the generated pages:

The finest Restaurant in New York

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