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Save time and money using LPagery to create hundreds or even thousands of dynamic landing pages in minutes using a CSV/XLSX File

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WordPress Users Love LPagery Pro

"Amazing tool!"


Dozens or hundreds of pages in an instant. If only I had discovered this tool sooner 🙂 

Martijn Meeuwis – Owner at Jouw Persoonlijke Groei

"Very powerful tool"


We wanted to be able to automate the creation of a lot of pages for a long time, however, we didn’t want to work with a developer. Now, with LPagery Pro, we can do everything ourselves. Even for someone like myself, with very basic WordPress knowledge, it was a piece of cake. Extra shoutout to the support department; I’ve had a quick response on any questions I had!

"Great Customer Support"


In just a few minutes I was able to generate over 200 location pages for my store location, with unique copy on each one, and I can edit them as needed in my page builder. I’m absolutely thrilled with my results, and I’ll be using this again for other kinds of bulk imports.

Janelle Whitelocke – Developer at Vapor Maven

"Great product and fast support"


This plugin was exactly what we needed to scale up our affiliate website. The plugin is easy to use and the support deserves an 5 star mention too. They were very fast in replying and thinking of possibilities. Thanks a bunch!

Kevin Scholten – Co-Owner at BlogLifeStyle

"Customer support is fantastic!"


Not only does the plugin work, but customer support is excellent! Had a slight issue with Generate Blocks page builder and they released an update that fixed is in a couple of hours. Most plugin developers don’t even respond that quickly. Fully recommended!

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Ben Doyle

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Join these and many more local businesses and agencies who already use and trust LPagery Pro in their daily workflow!


What Do You Get?

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Transform Your SEO with Bulk Landing Page Creation

LPagery elevates your SEO game by enabling rapid creation of numerous landing pages. Designed for ease of use, it significantly cuts down the time spent on page creation, offering a substantial boost to your local SEO efforts.

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Dynamic Page Updates

With LPagery, updating the layout or content across all your created pages is straightforward, ensuring your site remains dynamic and engaging with minimal effort.

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Full Compatibility with Leading Themes and Page Builders

LPagery’s adaptability ensures it works flawlessly with all major themes and page builders, granting you the freedom to execute your vision without constraints. You can find a full list of themes and page builders we tested LPagery with here.

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Geo-Targeted Landing Pages with Radius Function

Automatically generate landing pages for each city within your target area using LPagery’s ‘Radius’ function, enhancing your visibility and reach in local markets.

File Support

Versatile Data Import Options

LPagery supports CSV, Google Sheets, and Excel for data import, making it easy to populate your pages with essential information, streamlining the setup process.

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Real-Time Google Sheet Synchronization

Our Google Sheet sync feature allows for creating, modifying, and deleting pages directly from a Google Sheet, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in managing your website content.

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Efficient Page Management with Categories and Parent Assignments

Keep your website organized and manageable by assigning categories and parent pages to your generated content, directly from your source file.

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Customizable URI Slugs for Optimized SEO

Customize your URI slugs to improve your website’s SEO and user experience, ensuring your landing pages rank higher and attract more traffic.

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Flexible Page Status Options

LPagery allows you to set the status of your generated pages to published, draft, or private, offering full control over your content’s visibility.

LPagery is Your Bulk Page Creator Plugin for WordPress

LPagery is the ultimate solution for your local business, online store or web agency. Boost your local SEO with location/geo specific landing pages so you reach every possible customer in your desired area. 


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Start Bulk Creating Pages in WordPress

Start To Bulk Create Pages Today with LPagery

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Works With Your Favorite Page Builder

…and many more Themes, Plugins and Page builders. If LPagery is not working properly with your WordPress installation, we offer a full refund for 7 Days after purchase.

Easy to Use

How Does it Work?

Step 1 Create Template

Create a Template Page

Use your page builder or/and theme of choice and create a stunning page which will then serve as template for the new generated pages

Step 2 Upload Data

Import Data

You can either use a CSV File/Google Sheet or generate data of cities in your area directly in LPagery Pro

Step 3 Generate Pages

Create Pages!

After adjusting the settings to your personal needs you are ready to generate all the pages you need!

You can find an in-depth tutorial on how to use LPagery on our YouTube Channel or check out our Documentation

Use Cases

Maximize Impact Across All Marketing Fronts

Use Cases SEO

Unlock Local SEO Dominance

Instantly boost your local presence. With LPagery, effortlessly craft SEO-optimized landing pages that put your local business on the map, ensuring customers find you first.

Use Cases SEA

Skyrocket Campaign ROI

Elevate your ad campaigns to new heights. Use LPagery to seamlessly create landing pages that convert, maximizing your advertising spend and driving results.

Use Cases Structure

Accelerate Website Success

Fast-track website creation, whether it’s for you or your clients. LPagery simplifies page generation, enabling quick, structured site launches that set the stage for growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We developed LPagery to be usable with every WordPress theme and most popular page builders. If you encounter issues with your theme or page builder, please contact us and we will figure out a solution!

We are constantly testing LPagery with the most popular WordPress page builders and themes to ensure full compability: 

  • WPBakery
  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • BeaverBuilder
  • SeedProd
  • Flatsome
  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  • Themify
  • Brizy
  • Visual Composer
  • Live Composer
  • Classic Editor WP
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder

LPagery helps you create landing pages in bulk for every city in your area. This helps your SEO presence and you can reach more potential customers for your business.

Yes! You can make changes to the template page and apply them to all created pages. You can also change the content of the created pages by uploading a new source file.

No! All the created pages will still work and you can edit them as you can with a regular WordPress page.

With LPagery Pro you can also use custom post types. In the free version you can create Pages and Posts.

Yes! LPagery works with the most popular SEO Plugins on the market like Yoast SEO and RankMath SEO and lets you customize the meta data of your generated pages.

If you own a business with your customers in a local area (e.g. Stores, Handyman, Moving Company, Events etc.) you can profit of landing pages that are fitted to your customers search and increase your SEO presence.

Our ‘Radius’ function supports nearly every city in the world. If you don’t get the results you wanted, feel free to contact us and we help you generate the pages for all the cities you want!

No! You can create any placeholder you like and use it on a landingpage when using a CSV import.  We made a video explaining the setup of a CSV File: How To Set Up a CSV File.

Absolutly not! We designed LPagery to be easy to use. And if you encoutner any issues feel free to contact us and we will help you with your problem! 

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